Day at the Zoo

Another blissful date at the Memphis Zoo. This time I had the privilege of spending it with my coworkers and their children/families! We decided that much needed respite from the hospital was needed, and planned a day at the zoo to enjoy each others’ company without the drama of work! It turned out to be an absolutely GORGEOUS day in Memphis – sunny, a cool breezy 68 degrees – and the animals seemed to enjoy it as well! Although we didn’t see all the animals, the ones we did see put on a great display for us!!

At the Teton Trek exhibit the Memphis Grizzlies – no, not those Grizzlies – were so excited they just couldn’t stop running around! They chased each other, fought, ran around, and jumped in and out of their pool. It was such a diversion to watch them taking pleasure in just being! I took several videos which I wish I could post, but haven’t upgraded my blog yet 😉 so you’ll have to settle for some photos.

Grizzlies frolicking around the pool

Here’s an action shot of one of the Grizz splashing around in the pool:

Fun in the pool!

We were also able to see the sea lion show. Those sea lions are pretty darn smart! They have quite a few tricks up their flippers, and the kids and adults alike were wowed by their talents! They were super sweet, too, and blew us some kisses before leaving! Sea Lions having fun for the crowd!

Sea Lions having fun for the crowd!

The emu’s made sure to face off for the crowd, too!

Emu times two!

It was a great day, and I am so fortunate to have such a great bunch of co-workers! It was fun to meet spouses and children, and I really hope that we can do this again and make ICU Day at the Zoo a new tradition!

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One Response to Day at the Zoo

  1. bumbliwa says:

    Nice to see you enjoying the zoo away from the Zoo!

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