I have found the gumption to finally start my first real knitted garment. Just shy of my one year anniversary of learning to knit, I decided it was time to balls up and try it – a cardigan! With a little gentle coaxing from Laura (aka LaLa) at my LYS, I settled on the Estelle cardigan by Melissa LaBarre. I partially chose this because Laura will be knitting it as well, and I may need her help as things get more complicated, but also because there is a KAL with Paula of Knitting Pipeline. I have already reached out several times for advice in the Estelle KAL discussion thread on Ravelry, and have found everyone to be most helpful!!  The pattern calls for Lark by Quince & Co., but I am knitting with Berroco Vintage in a lovely purple color. Here’s a picture of my progress so far:

Kitty helping me with the Estelle

As will all my knitting, things are going slowly. I seem to be acquiring stash much faster than I knit, and since I am moving on temporarily from a sock craze to a cardigan craze my stash is destined to grow as I inevitably start collecting yarn for sweaters. I will try to hold back, but there is just SO MUCH delicious yarn out there! Oh cruel world!!

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One Response to Estelle

  1. bumbliwa says:

    Stash…socks…shawls…cardigans…and assorted and sundry other things…hoy what fun!

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