Memphis in Mud

So, May is traditionally a month of music, wings, championship BBQ, and MUD. Lot’s and lot’s of MUD. This year is no exception. With all the recent rain the Mighty Mississippi has had a little bit more than it can handle, and we’ve seen just a LITTLE bit of flooding. I took the time today to go downtown and take a look for myself. I might not get to see a sight like this in my lifetime again, so here’s a few pictures of downtown along the river.

Oh, and don’t forget the Memphis Grizzlies run in the NBA championships!! Go Grizz!

Looking south along the riverwalk along Riverside drive - 4/30/11 (note - you can still see the cobblestones, although the river is high at this point).


Same view looking south from the Riverwalk, but note: no cobblestones. Taken 5/12/11.


Parking area for the Memphis Queen Riverboat, with Mud Island flooded in background.


Excessive flooding between shore and Mud Island (normally a narrow strip of water) with M bridge in background.


Parking, anyone?!?


Riverside Drive and Beale Street with the M bridge and the Pyramid in the background.

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One Response to Memphis in Mud

  1. bumbliwa says:

    Great pics…thanks for sharing.

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