iPhone Tragedy

So, I was getting on my computer to sync up my iPhone and post the much awaited  California update last night, when tragedy struck. Somehow my iPhone was set up to automatically open and sync with iTunes, which occured and resulted in a completely wiped iPhone. I mean, it is like a BRAND NEW PHONE! I am so PISSED! Luckily I synced my phone earlier this month, but unfortunately for me I have lost EVERY SINGLE PHOTO TAKEN AFTER APRIL 6, which includes ALL of my California trip. Damn. Super sucks for me.

Lesson learned.

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One Response to iPhone Tragedy

  1. bumbliwa says:

    I am so sorry that happened (you will need to look at your sync and set it up to suit your needs). A small good thing is that you had shared a few pics with me which I sent to you. In the future, share ALL the pics (which would please me), thus having an extra back-up!

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