CityGal wishes….

….that she was at Stitches.

Yeah, Stitches South is this weekend. Despite the fact that I will likely be going to Stitches Midwest in August, I had made an unofficial plan to maybe, just maybe, sneak down to Atlanta for a day to visit Stitches South. But no. Work has made that IMPOSSIBLE! When I finally got my schedule for this week it was bad – no chance in hell of going to Stitches. At all. Not even if I were to fly! I work the ENTIRE weekend!! My only day off is Friday, and I spend most of today moping about the house. I am still coming off of the high of visiting California (update still to come!), and am sort of going through a green-with-envy thing with all of these knitting events. As I listen to various podcasts and read blogs I just get more and more jealous of all these events that people go to! I shouldn’t be, partially because I’ve only been knitting for 9 months (so how can I possibly even begin to have planned for these things), and also because knitting is my hobby, not my profession (yet, anyway!) ;-P But I can’t help it! I want to go! I am a little obsessed with the craft now, so I just feel like I’m being left out! Here’s my wishlist for events, past and present, that I’d like to go to:

Camp Kip, Stitches South and Midwest, Rhinebeck, Sock Summit, DFW Fiber Fest, Oregan Flock and Fiber, Loopy Ewe Spring Fling, YarnCon, and the list goes on.

I know I can’t possibly afford to go to all of these, but it doesn’t stop the want! I will have to do my research this summer and decide what I might really want to go to next year. Once I decide it’s ON!

What festivals have you been to that you have enjoyed? Not enjoyed? That are still on your wish list?

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2 Responses to CityGal wishes….

  1. bumbliwa says:

    Don’t forget about the Vogue knitting summits that are happening in the US and Europe!!!

  2. susan yakowenko says:

    Hi……..Me too got the long weekend off to go and visit Memphis and Southaven to meet Laura of the KnitGirllls…………BUT…….my husband had to end of working Monday so the long drive from Ontario Canada (14hrs ) in the car for a weekend just didnt happen……SO sooooo sad am I!!! and I too went to LA 6 years ago to visit my sister in law, and my camera took all my photos but when I got home to get them printed………….NO film!!! so all that trip for nada pics!!!!!!!! so I hear ya and have never returned to LA but one day I will and I will take pics of every little critter and leaf there is damn it!!! lol

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