The promise of today

I have been given the awesome opportunity to go to California with some friends this weekend. I have been to California before, but I was 2 years old so I don’t really count that. ;-p I have to say that in general I find that there is something just so, well, magical about being on vacation! As I sit in the breakfast room of the beautiful Ayres Hotel in Chino Hills (I know, not the most decadent of locations, but it is still a vacay to California!!), eating my lovely breakfast the feeling of promise is just so THICK in the air! The laughter, the clinking of silver ware, the southern California sun streaming through the window, out of which I see lemon trees and cypress trees swaying in the wind – it is all just so promising. The promise of today. It just makes me so HAPPY! Let me say it again: The promise of today. It is just soooo nice to enjoy oneself and be in the moment, not letting oneself be bothered about the worries of tomorrow! I know it is only two days, but I plan on enjoying it!

 So, we’ll see what happens in these lovely two days that I’ll be in Southern California!! There will likely be some yarny goodness, so stay tuned…

Me and the Lemon Tree

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3 Responses to The promise of today

  1. I envy your ability to enjoy the moment. Bask in the glory of every second that you are out there, and bring back some great pics for those of us still living in the ‘Winter/Spring’ of the Midwest! (oh, and bring back some good yarn too!)

    • Thank you so much for visiting and reading! I have my moments of OCDness, but it feels really great to be able to let go sometimes! I have soooo much stuff to update from today, and hopefully tomorrow will be just as fun and exciting! And having been born and raised in the midwest I feel your pain!! Don’t worry – it will go straight from cold and dreary to hot and humid in no time! ;-P

  2. bumbliwa says:

    Sometimes, when we have these wonderful moments in time we experience a gift, a shift to a new level of awareness. Congratulations for takikng the opportunity and experiencing it to the fullest!

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