My knitting time – 2KCBWDAY7

For the most part I knit by myself at home, although I think overall I’d prefer to knit with others and be a more social knitter (it helps to get rid of the wirey-haired-old-lady-knitting-in-a-rocking-chair-mumbling-to-herself image I sometimes associate with knitting alone!). However, I have been a little shy about actually schlepping my projects to one of the LYS or the local knitting/weaving guild meeting. First, feel kinda guilty taking in something I didn’t buy there (even if I regularly purchase items there anyway). Second, I’m kind skeered the other knitters will find me out – that they’ll see me for the over-zealous, under-learned, under-qualified and inexperienced knitter that I am. Not that I’m embarrassed, but I really aspire to push myself to try new techniques and projects – even if technically I’m not capable of them yet! I’m afraid of knitting in public because I don’t want to be told “you can’t”. Can’t can’t do nothing. I know I shouldn’t feel this way, as most knitters are very open, inviting, and talkative, and overall anxious to share their craft. Guess I’ll just need to get over myself and get out there!

I have been know to carry the knitting with me in my car and utilize wait times (trains, long lines at the car wash, long lines at the inspection station, etc). I don’t think this is weird. Or is it??


Knitting at the inspection station

At home I can usually be found on the couch (ahem, futon) with my knitting. Most of the time I watch Netflix or listen to a podcast, but if I have particularly difficult task I’ll turn all that off and concentrate on the knitting. I usually keep my computer very close by in order to quickly access YouTube videos or Ravelry, should I need help. If the pattern is easy enough I sometimes talk on the phone and knit.

As for refreshments I am a known Starbucks addict, so my cup of overpriced java is never far away. Although, I have been trying to make more coffee at home lately. This necessitates that a can of whipped cream be present in the fridge, so my knitting is occasionally interrupted by a trip to the fridge to refresh the delightful whipped topping on my coffee. Kitty loves whipped cream too, so we usually share in this ritual!

Kitty is never very far away when knitting time comes around. If she’s not attacking my yarn or needles, she’s usually guarding my patterns. Patterns are also a favorite napping spot!

Kitty letting me know she likes the pattern I picked!

On a recent trip to Michigan to visit the family I took my knitting on the plane with me. Not only did I create a buzz and talk to several people about my project and knitting in general (mostly guys, to my surprise!), one of the flight attendants was also a knitter and had NEVER HEARD OF RAVELRY!! So I enlightened her are we are now Ravelry friends!! That experience showed me that not only is it OK to knit in public, but that in doing so you can share the craft with others.

I would like to make a point, if possible, to try and do a little knitting every day. It doesn’t have to be more than a row or two (on a sock, perhaps), but I’d really like to get in the habit of making knitting a habit. As I mentioned in my Day 6 post I’d also like to make knitting at the LYS more of a habit. I am going to try and make it to knit night at the LYS at least once a month!

That’s about it, I guess. What are your knitting rituals?


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2 Responses to My knitting time – 2KCBWDAY7

  1. bumbliwa says:

    Your tales are fascinating and your progress is exemplary! The old gray, goat-haired lady here has no problem knitting in public. You know there are a lot of closet knitters that will someday show themselves using their ‘true colors’! So keep up the good work and aspirations!

  2. Your hair is bright red, so that excuse doesn’t fly here!!!! And I happen to know your rocking chair is buried under a pile of crap, so the only place you have to knit IS in public!!

    Thank you for the encouragement!!

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