A Tale of Two (or three or four…) Yarns – 2KCBWDAY1

I came upon the post by Eskimimi Knits regarding the 2nd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week and just knew it was the thing to get me going! What better way to start blogging than by writing along with bloggers, new and old, on the same topics!! The task is a bit daunting, given that at 10pm on Day 1 as I write my first post I Googled the Day 1 tag and there are already 1,020 results! I already feel like my poor little attempts at blogging will get lost and be ignored! Clearly I am trying anyway in the vain hope that eventually someone *besides my mom* will read and comment on my inane ramblings!

I have been knitting for just shy of 9 months, (not counting the brief affair with yarn I had back in my early college days when my mother ever-so-lovingly bought me rosewood needles and fine wool in a vain attempt to teach my teenage self how to knit – I shunned her efforts!). In those few months I have gained a HUGE appreciation for yarn, and by HUGE I mean a stash that is already becoming a stash of epic proportions! In 9 short months I have gone from shopping at Michael’s to shopping for indie-dyed yarns on Etsy and Artfire (I still shop at Michael’s, too, btw!). I have found awesome dyers and yarn suppliers on Ravelry as well. Here are some of the faves (and not so faves) that I’ve found so far.

1. Stimpy Lab

Probably my most favorite yarn to date. The gorgeous colors. The fluffy, soft, inviting blends. The awesome customer service from architecture-student-by-day-dyer-by-night owner Lynn. Just.Freakin.Love.This.Yarn! I tell you, one day this girl will be make it BIG! I have bought mostly *meaning only* sock yarn, including her Strong Sock (80% merino/20% nylon), her MCN (80% merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon), and her BFL sock (100% blue faced Leicester – quite possibly my fave ev-ah). I can’t even tell you which my favorite is! Here are some samples. I have big plans for this yarn. BUT, here’s my problem: I’m too scared to use it! I’m afraid that I’m still such a sucky knitter that I will ruin this yarn by knitting with it, never to experience its beauty again for fear of failure! So for the time being I simply fondle and ogle it, stalking Lynn’s website in the hopes of acquiring more *murmurs “my pretty” in Golem voice*. Please admire:

2. Malabrigo

Malabrigo is so soft. Malabrigo is so pretty. The story of Malabrigo is just so inspiring. How can you not love it?!? I am slowly (and stealthfully) acquiring a horde of Malabrigo. I have a little sock, a little worsted, and a little twisted. I love every strand of it. Most recently I cast on for my Lettuce Leaf Scarf (pattern Kernel by Bonnie Sennott) with Malabrigo sock in Lettuce. It will be magnificent (should I be able to figure out how to read row 1 of the chart, but that story is for another post…..sigh). Please admire:

3. Sock Yarn in General.

Oh socks. How am I obsessed? Let me count the ways!!!

Guess that’s about it. I told a tale of a little more than two yarns, but since I’m so new I really just buy what I love, and I love everything so far!! Hope you’ve enjoyed my pictorial jaunt through my stash, and see you tomorrow!! [2KCBWDAY1]

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3 Responses to A Tale of Two (or three or four…) Yarns – 2KCBWDAY1

  1. Oh, you’ve got it bad! Those are lovely sock yarns.

    I’ve knit most of my socks with sport or DK weight yarns, so the siren song of the sock yarn has been easy to ignore. Except the semi-solids, which make such stunning shawlettes…

    (sticking my fingers in my ears, trying to keep ignoring the sock yarn!)

    • Amanda says:

      Lol! I know!!!

      I think I may be taking an afterthought heel sock class in April, so I may knit those on DK just to try and keep up in the class.

      Your shawl is DEF on my list to be knit!

  2. bumbliwa says:

    Quite a yarn you have told…I will not divulge my obsession at this time, letting you ravel in your own obsession!

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