So, I realized the other day as I was describing my blog and my knitting to someone that at some point recently I became MAJORLY obsessed with the fiber arts world. Like, when I say MAJOR I am talking can’t-stop-thinking-about-it-should-really-be-wearing-a-t-shirt-that-says: “I’d-rather-be-knitting” kind of obsession. Why? Can’t say exactly. My mom tried to teach me to knit yeeeeaaaars ago and I totally blew her off. I know! What is wrong with me?!? She tried to teach me sewing too, and I blew off that as well. Any guess who’s leading the stampede full speed ahead to do all of these crafty things now? Yeah, me. That’s who.

One problem: too much enthusiasm. Well, admittedly it’s not really a problem, but it’s definitely something I have to keep in check. What I mean by too much is enthusiasm is that I have been *known* to go a little overboard. I’ll get totally into something, but not in the way you are thinking. I’ll buy all the supplies, research techniques, read books, talk to people about it, surf the web, go to meetings and clubs, and all but become a self-proclaimed “expert” – and never actually get into the craft/sport/etc. For example, I am acquiring a stash of epic proportions, knitting books and patterns, reading knitting blogs daily, surfing Ravelry ALL the freakin’ time, and am even planning on attending Stitches Midwest. BUT, I have knitted maybe a total of 10 projects?? Granted I only learned to knit last June, but STILL!!

This enthusiasm is not unique to knitting and has displayed itself many times throughout my life. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, my aptitude for following through with a hobby or task is often undermined by my fondness for planning it. Yeah, I’m one of those. Some people have start-itis, but I have plan-itis. So will knitting be any different? I think so. I hope so. No, I KNOW so!

It will be different because I really, really like it. There is something so comforting about knitting, and indeed any fiber craft (past, present and future). And no, I do NOT mean that knitting is “relaxing”. We all know that is far from the truth, especially when you are tinking back 8 rows at 11pm after too much wine! What I mean is that knitting soothes my soul. Beautiful yarn and fibers calm my aura and make it shine. The thought of learning all of the crafts within fiber arts, like spinning and dyeing, make me smile. I just really, really¸ like this. Really.

That being said I am on a mission. A mission to make the best of my new found, dare I say it, LOVE of the fiber arts. I, Amanda, will knit, spin, dye, create, frog, tink, and do whatever it takes to get my hands on fiber. And I do mean more than just planning. And I’m going to use this blog to prove it. Ha! So there!

Till next time, happy knitting!

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1 Response to Plan-itis

  1. bumbliwa says:

    Well then…the attempt was made to teach you to knit, crochet and sew…to which you did blow a strong easterly wind!
    But that is ok because the seed was planted, went dormant and then, thanks to some encouragement (watering) form another source, the seed has finally started to sprout.
    I look forward to watching it grow and see what beautiful jewels will blossom!

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