Pinch me!

I’ve been lusting after the Kernel scarf on lately. I think it’s because it uses fingering weight yarn, and I am obsessed with fingering weight yarn. I though about using one of the yarns in my stash, but in honor of St. Patrick I decided it would be much better to purchase a lovely skein of green Malabrigo sock yarn to make the scarf (from Rae’s Yarn Boutique via my mom in Lansing, MI).  Does it help that it was 17% off?? Can’t pinch this!

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2 Responses to Pinch me!

  1. bumbliwa says:

    The green is like the new spring grass peeking up from it’s winter sleep!
    The scarf will be beautiful…and it is always fun to spend someone else’s money, hee hee!

  2. I bet you did love spending it~! Even as you were pointing me to the pricey silk-alpaca blend…!! Got to keep my yarn budget under wraps so I can save up for Stitches Midwest!!

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