35,000 ft

So I managed to get a stretch of time off and am visiting the family in Michigan for “Christmas.” I had to work over the actual holiday so my family Christmas was pushed back a little. My dad left the tree up for me to enjoy, and there were a few present still left under it, so in all it has been pretty nice! My mom got me a KnitPicks puzzle piece blocking set, which I plan to employ as SOON as I finish a project. No, really!! There’s also a LOT of snow up here! But it’s too way cold for me to enjoy it, so I plan on making a visit to the LYS Rae’s Yarn Boutique to check out some of her hand-dyed. I’ll also stop by the local bead store the Bead Boutique to have Barb take a look at my favorite antique crystal necklace that decided to BREAK a few days ago! L I recovered most of the beads, but it is in serious need of some triage!

Due to the crummy weather (and super affordable AirTran fares) I decided to fly up this time. I boldly brought my knitting with me (after triple checking the TSA guidelines on knitting needles and printing off the page to take with me, just in case). I decided to take socks with me since they are small, the needles are non-threatening, and they are tough enough to keep me busy for many (MANY) hours! My flight takes off, the captain turns off the fasten-seatbelt sign, and I whip out my knitting. As the flight attendants are wheeling down the aisle with drinks and pretzels, one of them (We’ll call her S) stops and exclaims, “Ooh! I know how to knit too! I learned about a year ago! I’ve made a couple of scarves and I really would love to learn how to make a hat!” How freakin’ nice! I eagerly show S my socks, which looks not unlike a training-bra-gone-bad at that moment in time, and we chat briefly about knitting. Before exiting I gave her my Ravelry name and tell her to look me up. And she does! How neat! During my layover in ATL a guy sits down next to me and exclaims, “I haven’t seen anyone do that in a loooong time!” takes a deep breath, and proceeds to tell me how he took up oil painting as a way to relieve stress and keep his hands busy. Go figure!

While sitting there in the airport (knitting away) most everyone just stared at me, averting their eyes or giving me tight-lipped smiles whenever I looked up. I don’t know if people are interested, amazed, or just thinking “What the hell is that girl doing knitting? and what the hell is she making anyway?!?” Probably all of the above. But somewhere above the earth, at 35,000 ft, I not only made a new friend but found a new freedom: Knitting in Public. Something I had feared up until that moment. Knitting in public just seemed so, well, “granny” to me (sorry all the grannies out there – you know I love you!). It felt old-fashioned, or weird, or….something. I dunno. It’s apparently a difficult feeling to describe. I guess up till now I’ve just had an irrational fear of it. However, having just come down from the high of my first Knitting in Public experience, I realize that knitting is no longer old-fashioned. It’s come back, like, big time! Duh. I mean, c’mon! The chicks in my kick-ass knitting group are hardly grannies! Oh, and the in-flight picture of my knitting in front of the wing of the plane that I posted on Facebook (thank you AirTran GoGoInFlight WiFi), generated quite the buzz! I’ve got two more gals ready to pick up needles! The point of all this rambling is that I am no longer scared! Up until this point I have knitted in secret – at home, with the girls, with my mom. I’ve even been too intimidated to go to the LYS for fear that my sucky knitting skills and overzealousness for difficult and beyond-my-ability projects would be found out. Quite the contrary. Knitting folks are a rare breed: friendly, outgoing, outspoken, and above all, eager to share the buzz of needlecraft. I learned that this week. I freakin’ exemplified it! I am eager to experience the feeling again, and will now knit without fear. I see a knitting night at the LYS in my very near future!!!!

I’ll leave you with these words from Lady Bird Johnson, as they ring ever so true in our knitterly adventures:

“The way you overcome shyness is to become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid.”

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