Knittin’ to keep my fingers warm!

Well, the cold weather has finally arrived. And when I say cold in Memphis I mean it finally got down in the high 30’s one night. Brrrrr. I refuse to turn the heater on yet, since I am trying to conserve energy (read: $$$). It’s quite green, really. So in an effort to keep warm I have:

1) Purchased a space heater. It’s got to be less costly to only heat one room at a time, right?

2) Purchased more yarn. I figure the more yarn you have, the warmer you will be.

3) Been knittin’ up a storm to keep my fingers warm. Of course, this means that my fingers have actually (gasp) gotten sore! I have knitted a LOT this week (knitting group, and then more knitting), and I woke up this morning to find that my fingers/hands were a bit sore. Taking a page from my musician days I decided a bit of rest was in order and decided to work on the blog instead.

4) Made blueberry pancakes this morning. Yum!

Blueberry Pancakes

I met up with the City Knitters this week. There was much to show and tell, and everyone was duly impressed with my skills as a new knitter. I know I impress the heck out of myself! I brought along The Sock, my cowl, and the toe-up sample socks for show-and-tell. I mostly worked on The Sock and the cowl, though, as the toe-up’s require too much brain power. The Sock is as always, a work in progress. I am coming along on the foot, but it feels like it will be centuries before I ever finish it. I finally decided to try it on, and it fits quite well. I wish the leg was longer (another point for Toe-Up’s). And I really hope that there is enough yarn to finish it (yet another point for Toe-Up’s). We’ll see.

The Sock

I finished the pattern for the Tuesday Night Cowl. It looks great, but when I went to put it around my neck it felt kind tight (ack!). I think I am going to put one more pattern repeat, because I just do not think I will wear it if it ends up being that tight. I mean, c’mon! I have to at least get it over my head without creating kilo-watts of static electricity!

Tuesday Night Cowl

The toe-up sample socks are coming along and I am almost finished with them. I just need to finish knitting the legs, knit the cuffs and bind off! Yay! They actually look GOOD! I am so surprised! I had a little trouble with shaping for the heel cups. This is likely due to the fact that the pattern utilizes twisted stitches, which is something I’ve never done before. It’s not too difficult to actually twist the stitches, but picking up the twisted stitches was a little more challenging. It involved throwing the socks on the ground several times, and just a little bit of swearing. I think the pattern could have been a little clearer at this part, such as specifying the number of stitches, etc.

Toe-up socks with heel and part of leg completed.

Well, that’s it for now! Pretty busy week at work, but I’m planning (hoping) on taking sock knitting class this next week at my LYS. The verdict is still out on the LYS, since it seems to take several visits to get into their good graces. I made some progress this past week after asking for some advice on sock knitting. I ended up purchasing some yarn and two circulars for knitting a sock on two circs. After a quick tutorial it seems to be much easier than DPN. I’ll be starting those when I complete a few projects.

That’s it for now, happy knitting!


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2 Responses to Knittin’ to keep my fingers warm!

  1. bumbliwa says:

    I enjoyed your new post!
    Funny you should mention ‘sore fingers’…yesterday morning my left hand wanted to cramp up into a claw!
    I think this is from a combination of too much Guitar Hero combined with that damned Elbaite scarf!
    Until your next post, may we both survive the ‘knit claw’!

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