Best Friends

So, my bestest best friend since age 5 came to visit me this past weekend! Lisa drove all the way from the little state of Ohio to visit me in the big city of Memphis! With her she brought her lovely boyfriend, Roy* (*name has been changed since I figured Lisa doesn’t care if I use her name on the World Wide Interweb, but Roy may think otherwise….).  Anyway, we had tons of fun packed into just a few days. Didn’t get much knitting done, but then again sometime you just have to let loose and enjoy your self!

First I took them to enjoy barbeque, Memphis-style (the only style, really). I took them to my favorite, (er, one of my many favorite) BBQ shops, the aptly named Central BBQ. They were treated to a feast of pork sandwiches, ribs, green beans, baked beans, yummy fries, chips, and the oh-so-good-I-can’t-even-freakin’-stand-it BBQ Nachos! Yum-O! We also enjoyed a little local beer a-la Ghost River.

{picture of BBQ here}

Saturday we headed out early to catch the zoo. The Memphis Zoo is one of the finest zoo’s in the nation (no kidding!), and I enjoy showing it off to friends and family. To quote them, “Memphis Zoo spans 70 acres and is home to more than 3,500 animals representing over 500 different species.” Holy moly that’s a lot of conservation! Of the many animals there are polar bears (the momma bear might be pregnant, btw!), grizzly bears, wolves, three African elephants, all the big  (and little) cats, birds of all shapes and colors, more African animals, and my fave: Panda bears. Little Ya Ya and Le Le. Here are a few pictures from our day!

Ya Ya enjoying some bamboo!

Mama polar bear may be pregnant!

Grizzly Bears

Halloween decorations for Zoo Boo

Saturday night I took them to Beale St., a must if you are in Memphis. After the requisite pat-down and ID flash to gain entry (sorry, 21 + only at night, kiddos!), we spent several hours listening to find music and enjoying the crowd. The weather that day was just beautiful (sunny and in the low 80s), and nighttime was no exception! We ended up camping out in an outdoor bar, listening to a cover band and enjoying the crowd. I especially enjoyed watching a (quite) tipsy middle-aged man work his one dance move on EVERY lady in the crowd. Let’s just call him do-se-do man and leave it at that!

BB Kings on Beale

Sunday morning Lisa and Roy had to leave early to get back to real life. In all I think they had a good time and enjoyed getting out of the country. Of course, there’s no place like home, so with that I bid them farewell and promised to visit soon. City Gal in the country?!? We’ll see what mischief that brings!

Me and Lisa


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