Cheaper by the dozen…

So, I have developed a rather bad habit of buying clearance yarn. I know, I know. But it’s just so cheap! It’s fun to place projects with yarn you like that is also quite inexpensive. The problem that I have encountered is three-fold, however. 1) I spend too much money even though they are on clearance, because I just “have to have the yarn”; 2) Most of the time I seem to be buying yarn that I otherwise might not have purchased; 3) the stash is getting huge, and I’m not knitting any faster anytime soon. I received today a large shipment of Nashua Ivy yarn today, which is a lovely merino/alpaca blend with a bit of sparkle added in. It is quite soft and comes in lovely colors, but I sort of went crazy with it (see the cornucopia of colors picture below).

A boatload of Nashua Ivy!!

You can see that when it comes to clearance yarn things really ARE cheaper by the dozen! I had planned on making the Alpaca Earflaps hat by OzYarns with the Ivy as Christmas gifts for my mom and my brother’s girlfriend, but given the short time until Christmas (2 months and counting) I am very much doubting my capacity to knit all the things I need to knit! Nevertheless, the yarn is mine and into the stash it goes!

In the knitting bag I am working on Tuesday Night Cowl by Susan Lawrence. I decided to use Rowan Cocoon, and 80% merino/20% mohair bulky weight yarn.  It is quite soft and lovely to work with. I’ve chosen a lovely light blue, and will hopefully be making a pair of matching mittens in the near future (pattern to be determined). The cowl is going fairly quickly (remember, I am a super tight, super slow knitter), so I hope to have time over the next week to make some real progress on it. I will be having some visitors this weekend, so there probably won’t be much time for knitting but I’m sure to have lots of fun despite that!

Tuesday Night Cowl in progress made with Rowan Cocoon

That’s about it for knitting this week. Till next time, happy knitting!


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