Go [Mitten] State!

Go [Mitten] State!

So, I just got back from a lovely visit up to the Mitten state to see my parents, bro and grandmother. It being October there were several lovely things about Michigan that I just have to share:


1) Leaves. Change. Color. Beautiful! The fall colors up north are simply fabulous! Living in TN for so long has skewed my view on the seasons, since we basically have chilly and ungodly hot as our basic two seasons. Growing up in Michigan I got to experience beautiful springs, tolerable summers, freezing winters, and: autumn. Oh beautiful autumn, how do I love thee! Let me count the ways! So, this visit I was able to enjoy the fall color change for the first time in several years, having missed it for the last several years (although my dad pointed out that most of the leaves had already changed and I’d missed “the good stuff”), but still! For those that have never witnessed a fall color change, it is imperative that you make time in your life to experience a Color Tour in the Midwest, Northeast or Northwest.

New Cider Mill

2) Cider – Those that have never experienced fresh apple cider must also make room for that on their Color Tour! I was able to convince to fam to take a side trip to Uncle John’s Cider Mill. We went here as children to pick pumpkins, go on hay rides, and gorge on fresh pumpkin donuts and apple cider. The cider mill is not quite as I remember, as they have replaced the huge wooden cider press with a very streamlined stainless-steel machine that pumps out cider at gallons a minute. It is efficient, and the cider is just as good, but I do miss the old cider press. Of course, being an adult now I made sure to stop at the winery on the way out and pick up two bottles of their home-made hard cider, which I will be enjoying when [if] the weather ever gets cold here! The place was packed, the weather was great, and the cider and donuts where superb and beyond fabulous!

3)  MSU Homecoming – Having grown up in a college town it never ceases to amaze me how the troops rally come game-time. As mom and I were walking to the local LYS in downtown East Lansing, the streets were filled with green-and-white clad state fans enjoying the homecoming game, and you could hear the crowd roar (quite loudly) from the stadium miles away. [It must be noted here that Michigan State is having an awesome football season and with the homecoming win is now 7-0 in the Big Ten and 8 in the overall polls.] phew! Back to yarn talk! No, really, but it is refreshing and exciting to be back in that environment, having participated in many a tail-gated games as a kid. Go State!

4) Family – I just love my family! Got to do beading and yarny stuff with mom. We went to Diva Night at the LBS (Local Bead Store) the Bead Boutique in downtown Lansing, which was full of good food and hearty beading. We also worked a lot on the Elbaite scarf. This scarf has been the BANE of our existence since we decided to knit it. It took us forever to figure out the chart for some reason! But I think we finally got it. Mom only had to frog 8 inches of sweater (twice)! Also cooked with dad (asparagus risotto), hung out with my brother, and visited my Grandma and Uncle. My cousin and her new baby happened to be visiting Grandma at the same time, so I got to meet little Mak for the first time! Love my family!

Conjoined Creations Flat Feet

5) Cool weather – While we are still sweating out 95 degree days in Memphis, Michigan was experience lovely 50 and 60 degree days. Just gorgeous! And what better to inspire knitting than a cold snap?!? Well, it wasn’t exactly cold, but it was cold for me!! I was able to visit WovenArt in East Lansing for new inspiration, and of course didn’t not leave without a few skeins to add to my stash! I left with a few skeins of Misti Alpaca chunky and a pattern for a exquisite Mobius scarf. I also picked up a skein of sock yarn from the Yarns on Stage event that occurred October 16. There were 10 lovely yarns with 10 lovely patterns to choose from. I ended up with a skein of Conjoined Creations Flat feet and a sock pattern because I think the painted sock blank is just SO COOL! Into the stash it goes!

Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky in Granite

Well, I think that’s plenty for now and a nice recap of the trip. Till next time, happy knitting!


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