Hello world!

Welcome to my blog, City Gal Knits!!! This blog is an attempt to chronicle my life in the city (do NOT think Sex and the City here!) according to my love of crafts, travel, people, the outdoors, and new life experiences. What does that mean? Well, not entirely sure yet but let me try to explain. I am a new knitter, long-time crocheter (don’t let that fool you – I’ve never amounted to much in crochet beyond dishcloth-maker), beginner sewer, nurse, musician, crafter, lover of foods, travel,  and all around lover of things shiny and new. I love to experience new things, (even if I am a little scared the first time), and my goal is to try to live life fully by trying to allow myself to experience new things as often as possible. I also love to use my hands, whether it is to make music, crafts, or to save lives! I love love love knitting and making jewelry, and I wish (how I wish) I was a better sewer (is it a coincidence that sewer (crafter) and sewer (gutter of filth) are spelled the same??), but above all I want to keep myself open so as to not limit my life experiences. This blog is an attempt to chronicle those experiences, with humility and humor, for your reading pleasure!



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